• Build Your Child's Writing Skills with a Personalized Tutoring Program

    Strong writing skills are essential to your child's academic performance. With a customized writing tutor plan, your child can develop the skills necessary to succeed in writing a short paragraph or a long research paper. TutorSpot will match your child with a qualified tutor that can explain every step of the writing process and focus on helping your child master important writing skills.

  • Elementary School

    Elementary School Writing Tutor

    In elementary school, your child will be introduced to the basics of writing. As your child learns to identify parts of speech and write sentences and paragraphs, a tutoring program will help him or her master these basic writing skills to prepare to move to the next level. By finding an online writing tutor, you will pinpoint important writing skills and help your child learn to apply the writing process to several types of writing assignments.

    Middle School

    Middle School Writing Tutoring

    Middle school writing assignments become more challenging as more complex texts are introduced into the curriculum. At this stage, a writing tutor can help your child improve his or her spelling, grammar, and vocabulary to prepare for more advanced writing assignments. A personalized writing tutoring plan will help your child become familiar with the writing process, organize ideas, create outlines, recognize supporting details, and analyze more complex texts.

    High School

    High School Writing Tutors

    As a high school student, your teenager will be expected to develop thesis statements, write topic sentences, make transitions, and organize supporting details. A writing tutor can pinpoint skills that your child will need to advance in high school and successfully prepare for the SAT and ACT. A personalized face-to-face or online writing tutor program will go over every step of the writing process – prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing – in great detail so that your teenager will have a thorough understanding of how to apply these concepts to his or her writing assignments.

    College Prep

    College Prep Writing Tutor

    With college admissions essays and entrance exams on the horizon, your teenager can sharpen his or her writing skills and develop a better understanding of the basic guidelines to use when writing a college essay. With an English writing tutor for college prep, your teenager will learn to write a research paper and an analysis essay, complete admissions applications, and prepare for the SAT/ACT.


    Polishing Your Child’s Writing Skills with a Personalized Tutoring Program

    From understanding the basic writing process to composing essays and research papers, a writing tutoring program will help your child master important writing skills at any grade level. TutorSpot will match your child with a writing tutor that will help sharpen his or her writing skills and form a strong foundation in writing.

    TutorSpot is a free resource that you can use to find a qualified in-home tutor or learning center that offers personalized writing programs tutoring near your area. Or use TutorSpot to find a writing tutor online.

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